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Planning + Development

The Marda Loop Communities Association Planning and Development Committee is a group of community volunteers who provide advice, background information, community context, and feedback to the City of Calgary, the MLCA Board, and applicants on development in our neighbourhood.

The Planning and Development Committee has no formal jurisdiction or authority in planning matters and therefore, cannot reject or approve applications. We provide a bridge for communication, advice, context for all stakeholders.

Community Residents wishing to submit individual comments on developments can view and submit using the City of Calgary development map tool:


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You can reach the Committee at:


Please see below for a few helpful links:

Tools for Residents:


How to respond to a development application:

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Guide to the Subdivision and Appeal Board:

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Community Outreach on Planning and Development :

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Tools for Developers:


We are a Volunteer Committee and our time needs to be focused. If you own a property and wish to re-develop we encourage you to connect with us at:

We strongly encourage applicants to engage with directly affected neighbours and stakeholder as early as possible. Proactive engagement can create a smoother planning process.



Links to Current Open Permits:

Click Here to View Current Development Permits in the Works and to Provide Feedback

Link to Understanding Building Codes:

Click Here to View Current Rules and Building Codes on Land Use Development


Calgary Housing Strategy Information Page – Click Here


Large Scale Projects in Marda Loop:

Information on the Main Streets Project –Click Here

Information on DP2023-01382 – Click Here

Information on LOC2023-0149 – Click Here

Information on the West Elbow Communities Local Area Planning  – Click Here