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The MLCA preschool is proud to offer a comprehensive range of enrichment programs and community initiatives to complement our classroom learning and activities. Throughout the year we partner with child-centred local programs to host sessional physical activity classes, invite members of the community into the classroom, and conduct a variety of field trips to teach children about the world around them and foster a sense of community.




We believe that music ignites the whole child, connecting the body and brain. We are proud to incorporate music into our classes, where students can sing and engage in musical play with a variety of instruments.




During our dance program, students are introduced to the foundations of dance and encouraged to express themselves through music and movement in a fun-filled environment. Our dance partners include Ms. Caroline from the MLCA Prancing Peanuts program .



Our little yogis love learning yoga, mindfulness and breathing techniques, while improving their physical literacy skills during our four-week yoga residency! Past yoga partners include Wymbin, a youth-focused yoga, wellness & educational studio located in Inglewood.


Sports Day

In the Spring, our classes head outdoors for Sports Day at the South Calgary fields. This multi-sport day allows students to try out a range of activities in a fun and non-competitive environment. Sports Day is designed to build confidence and competence in children on and off the field. The preschool has previously worked with the Sportball organization to host Sports Day.


Arts & Craft


We believe that inspiring curiosity, promoting creative expression and exploring a range of media is important to a child’s development.



Field Trips          


Our students love getting out of the classroom to explore the world around them! The preschool organizes fields trips to the Giuffre Family Library, local fire hall and South Calgary community garden so students can learn about their neighbours and the community they live in.


Classroom Visits

Throughout the year we invite members of the community into the classroom so students can learn about a variety of topics and professions. Visitors include members of the Calgary Police Service, Calgary Fire Department, family doctors, dentists, sleep consultants and professional athletes.