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Welcome to the MLCA Preschool! Set in the heart of Marda Loop, we are a community-based preschool offering a cooperative and caring environment where children 3 to 4 years old come together to learn and explore through age appropriate play, activities, and materials.

Our child-directed, play-based program allows children the opportunity to learn and practice skills needed for growing independence in an environment that lays the foundation for future education.

Our teachers foster a safe and secure environment that works to build a child’s:

Social skills
Creative Expression
Environment and Community Awareness


For the 2023/2024 school year, we are offering three different half day program options. Our three-year old program runs Tuesday/Thursdays. Our four-year old program runs Monday/Wednesday/Friday. We offer both a morning or afternoon class for each of these.

New this year we are offering a 5 day per week 4 year old program, which runs Monday-Friday afternoons. This is a chance for your 4 year old to get a bit more time at preschool, with additional learning and exploration opportunities. Two days a week our afternoon 3 year olds are also present, allowing a unique opportunity for the older students to learn leadership and mentoring skills.

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