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MLCA Member Discount Program

The MLCA is proud to announce the launch of our new MLCA Member Discount Program on May 1st, 2019! 

The purpose of the MLCA Member Discount Program is to increase MLCA memberships and to provide greater value to our existing members by partnering with our local business community,  who will offer our members a special discount or benefit when they shop at the local business establishment.

As of May 1st, 2019 members of the MLCA have been issued Membership Cards which they will be able to present at the businesses listed below to receive the MLCA members’ discount. If you have not received your card by the first week of May, please visit the MLCA or email Kevin at

This is a great opportunity to support our Community by joining together in offering more perks to our members, create more attraction to our association, and to generate more traffic to local businesses.

Below are the current businesses who are involved with the program and their respective discounts:



If you are a local business interested in joining the Member Discount Program and this great initiative, please email Kevin at

If you would like to become a Member and enjoy this awesome new perk (among others), please join here!

Thanks for the continuing to support the MLCA and thank you to all the businesses involved with this program!