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Frequently Asked Questions




My child is three but turning four soon. What class should I register them in?

Please register your child in the class based on their birth year. If they will be attending kindergarten the following year, register for the 4-year-old class. If they will be attending kindergarten in two years’ time, register for the 3-year-old class.


My child is two but will soon turn three. Can they attend class? 

Yes, but you or another guardian will need to attend with them. Our licensing does not cover care for two-year-old’s, thus we require an adult to be in the classroom with your child. Once your child turns 3, you will no longer send an adult with them. Please note, any adult entering the preschool needs to have a valid Criminal Record Check prior to entering the building.


Do I need to have a police security check completed?

Yes, we require that at least one parent/guardian of each child holds a valid Criminal Record Check. Request a background check at a Calgary Police Station, or online by clicking HERE.


Do I need to be a MLCA member to attend the preschool?

Yes, all students attending our preschool need to have an active family MLCA membership. Annual memberships can be easily purchased online HERE. The Marda Loop Communities Association operates the preschool and performs periodic membership audits.


Can I purchase a MLCA membership if I do not live in the zone?

Of course! When looking at membership options, choose an “Associate” membership which is specific for families who reside outside the boundaries but wish to take part in MLCA’s programs and activities. Click HERE to purchase an Associate Membership.


What is your student to teacher ratio?

Our maximum class size is 19 students, allowing for a 10-1 student to teacher ratio. Our two teachers, Ms. Lynn and Ms. Mel, teach  both our three and four-year-old classes. Depending on the day or activity planned, we may have our GrandFriends or parents/guardians assisting in class as well.


What support do you provide to students with additional learning needs?

With permission from parents/guardians, we bring in a third- party early education service to provide a needs assessment for each of our students at the start of the school year. The company will follow-up with families if they believe their child could value from additional classroom support in areas including speech or motor development. There is no cost associated for the assessment. If your child qualifies for services, funding is provided through Alberta Education.


Can I send someone else to pick up my child if I can’t make it?

Yes, as long as you have them named on your list of people allowed to sign-out your child; upon registration, you are asked to provide names of people you grant permission to. If this list changes, or you need to make a last-minute amendment, please speak with the teachers at drop-off. Anyone picking up a child must be prepared to present photo ID at the request of the teacher in order to sign out a student.


What if I am running late for pickup?

 If an unforeseen circumstance arises and you are unable to pick-up your child at the scheduled time, please contact the teachers immediately. Their contact information will be provided upon registration.


Is snack provided by the preschool?

Snack is not provided by the preschool. Please pack a water bottle and a healthy, nut free snack for your child. We ask that each snack incorporates a minimum of two food groups. For example: hummus and veggies, fruit and cheese…


What do I need to send my child with to preschool?

Please send your child to preschool with a backpack that includes:



*Please ensure that all items belonging to your child are labeled with their name.

When is my child too sick to attend school?

Please keep your child home if they have a communicable disease, such as the flu, or symptoms including but not limited to fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. We ask that your child is symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.


Does my child need to be toilet trained?

Yes, we require all students to be fully toilet trained prior to starting preschool. If your child needs help wiping after using the toilet, our teachers can assist and will notify you if their support was needed.


How does your lottery process work?

Due to the popularity of our program, the MLCAP has implemented a lottery system for new families:


The MLCAP reserves the right to determine final class placement.


What if I am waitlisted?

There are separate waiting lists maintained for each class, each school year. Your child’s position on the wait list will not be guaranteed unless the MLCAP has received the properly completed registration form and non-refundable registration fee. The preschool registrar will notify families should a spot become available and families must complete the required forms and pay applicable fees to confirm registration. No fees will be paid until a spot becomes available for your child.

How do you celebrate birthdays? Can I send my child with treats for the class?

We love to recognize our students’ birthdays and want to make them feel special on their big day. On your child’s birthday, the class will sing Happy Birthday and they will blow out a candle. If you wish to bring a class snack, please ensure that it falls in line with our healthy eating policy and is prepared in a commercial kitchen.

What is your withdrawal policy?


Notice of withdrawal must be provided in writing to the Preschool Chair at and must be provided at least 30 days in advance of withdrawal. Failure to do so will result in one month’s fees being paid in lieu of notice. For September tuition to be refunded, written notice must be given by June 30th. There are no exceptions to this policy.


The MLCAP reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any child, or to refuse admission, should it be deemed in the best interest of the child or the preschool. Full details will be included in the Parent Handbook which will be provided upon registration.


Where can I park for drop-off and pick-up?

There is street parking outside of the school. Alternatively, you may park at the MLCA Hall (located across the street).