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MLCA Bylaws

In 2024 the MLCA did a thorough review of our current bylaws, followed by a Special Meeting held on March 4th, 2024 to approve these changes.

Below are some details on the history, along with the recently approved Bylaws and changes.



As with all businesses and organizations, there are many documents that the MLCA uses during the course of its regular activities. Some of these documents, like our committee plans, are regularly revised and updated. Other documents, like our License of Occupation with the City, rarely get changed. One document that falls in between those two parameters is the Association’s bylaws.

The MLCA regularly needs to review the Association’s bylaws and update them if required (at least every 5 years). This will involve the MLCA Board of Directors and all current members of the Communities Association.

The MLCA’s bylaws were first drafted in 2014 and they are slated to be reviewed every five years. In 2019, the bylaws were reviewed by the MLCA Board of the time, and, after that review, it was determined that no official changes were required. Some minor changes were noted at the time, and those have been included in this current revision.

The latest version was reviewed and updated by the full MLCA Board throughout 2023. A Special Meeting was called for March 4th, 2024 and a motion was passed approve the amended changes to these bylaws.


Special Meeting

On March 4th, 2024, the Community Association hosted a Special Meeting at the MLCA hall to vote in the new bylaws. An official notice of this meeting was sent out via email to all current members of the MLCA. All members were welcome to attend, discuss, and vote. Voting eligibility is based on the parameters laid out in the current bylaws. A motion was passed unanimously to approve the current bylaws


Below are links to the related documents (all links will open in a new tab):

“MLCA Bylaws 2014” – These are our past bylaws.

“MLCA Bylaws 2024” – These are the newly approved bylaws.

“Summary of Changes” – A very high-level summary of the changes made and a listing of some minor changes that may not be specifically noted in the Article change documents.

“Black Line Version of the Bylaws” – This is a black line document from the 2014 bylaws to the most recent revision.


To facilitate an easier review, we have broken up the document and provided detailed descriptions as to what has changed for each section. There are separate pages for each section of the bylaws, and links to those pages are below (all links will open in a new tab):


Article 1 – Preamble

Article 2 – Definitions and Interpretations 

Article 3 – Membership 

Article 4 – Structure and Operation 

Article 5 – Meetings of the Association 

Article 6 – Finance and Administration 

Article 7 – Amending the Bylaws


 The next Bylaw review will occur in 2029.