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Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society Donation Drive

  • Date

    Saturday Dec 4, 2021

  • Time

    2pm-4 pm

  • Where

    MLCA Parking Lot


MLCA’s Sustainability Committee is coordinating a donation drive for the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (CWRS) to highlight World Wildlife Conservation Day on December 4th! The day is to raise awareness and encourage conversations about endangered or threatened species at risk of extinction because of poaching, trafficking, and other human activity. Conservation efforts include supporting the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife for release back into their natural environments.


The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society is dedicated to treating injured and orphaned wildlife from Calgary and other parts of southern Alberta, providing valuable outreach and education services to the community and engaging volunteers in motivational work and skill-building experience. Each year, they answer 10,000+ calls regarding wildlife-related incidents and treat 2,200+ animals, birds, and amphibians. They provide 200+ eco-literacy programs to over 5,000 students and residents annually.



CWRS relies on donations from the community to assist in hospital operations and the dedicated care of injured or orphaned wildlife. They have a pressing need for the following high demand items:



Fresh greens

Fresh or frozen corn

Frozen peas

Fresh or frozen carrots

Fresh sweet potato

Fresh or frozen wild blueberries (these are smaller than regular blueberries and easier for birds to eat)

Fresh or frozen raspberries

Fresh or frozen strawberries

Fresh eggs

Wild bird seed

Unsalted sunflower seeds

Cracked corn

Unsalted peanuts

Peanut butter

Apples (whole or unsweetened apple sauce)

Canned pumpkin

Canned wet dog/cat food

Dry dog and cat food


Household and Outdoor Items:


Garbage bags


Dish soap

Laundry detergent (unscented)


Toilet paper

Paper towel

Storage containers/bins

Lumber and plywood

Sheds and storage bins

Rubber matting and hoses (no leaks)

Hose nozzles

Kiddie pools



You can drop off any of the items on Saturday, December 4th from 2-4 pm at the MLCA Community Hall. Volunteers will be outside the front entrance to help you unload. Should you wish to make a monetary donation to CWRS, you can do so directly on their website. Volunteers will not be accepting cash donations.


If you cannot make the drop-off time, a volunteer can pick up your donation prior to December 4th within the community. Please email to arrange a pick-up time.


Please note, all perishable food items will only be collected on December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.