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Board Position Descriptions



Curious what each position on our Board entails? Look no further. See below for a brief description on each position. If one these fits your passion, please reach out to us to join!


Following are descriptions of the MLCA Board Director positions. While these roles are quite varied, they all share these same responsibilities:


As you consider joining the MLCA Board or a committee, we ask you to keep the following in mind:



All of the board positions listed below have a committee that helps by coming up with ideas and sharing the workload. If the board position is full, or if you want to help but not necessarily serve on the board, please consider becoming a member of one these dynamic committees.



The Events committee plans and hosts a variety of events for the community over the year. These have included movie night, fireside chats, Bingo night, adult beverage and cheese-pairing nights, neighbour day, the always well-attended Stampede Breakfast and more!

This active committee works to plan, prep, and host the various events during the year. Besides attending meetings, participation in this committee may include engaging local businesses, shopping, preparing a budget, decorating, hosting, setting up for and cleaning up after an event. More members are always needed and welcome to join in on the fun.



Indulge is an entertaining annual community gathering consisting of live entertainment, sampling of gourmet food, and wine and craft beer tastings.  This initiative cultivates community spirit by connecting MLCA members, residents, and entrepreneurs in a social event that raises funds to support ongoing MLCA recreational facilities and programs.

The committee requires multiple members who work together to plan, prep, and host this MAJOR annual event. Their tasks include arranging rentals, coordinating with vendors, hiring security and entertainment, getting permits, working with sponsors, and so much more. They welcome super creative volunteers to join this dynamic committee!



The Marketing committee manages branding efforts and supplies the necessary tools and resources to support the promotional efforts of the MLCA committees. Further, they manage the MLCA social media presence and platforms.

They are responsible for supporting efforts to promote the hall and its facilities and ensuring community members have regular, timely access to information about events, membership, facilities, and relevant City and community news through appropriate communications channels.

This committee would welcome participants with Graphic Design, Web Design, and/or Social Media Marketing experience.



A strong and diverse membership is essential to the success of the MLCA as members participate in MLCA programs, attend MLCA events, and fill necessary volunteer positions. Members of this committee help to maintain and increase MLCA membership and host the ‘Membership tent’ at events like the Stampede Breakfast and Marda Gras here in the ‘Loop’.



This committee provides members of the MLCA with a venue to address their concerns around mobility issues (roads, parking, speed, speed bumps, crosswalks, etc.)

They encourage improvements and programs that focus on the safety of the MLCA community to walk, run, bike, and drive. They work with community school traffic/mobility groups as a liaison to address mutual concerns and maintain active relationships with local schools to encourage safety and with the BIA to meet mutual objectives. As such, they have the authority to attend meetings, review documents, and make recommendations to the Board.

Committee members are needed to attend open houses, respond to residents’ emails, and provide direction to residents for follow up on concerns.


Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Committee receives and reviews submissions from residents, and where possible, provides direction and advice as to who to take their concerns to. They also receive communications from developers and the City, and if necessary, share information with residents, the Board, or affected parties.

The committee also works with the City and developers to host Open Houses and provides facilities as needed for smaller meetings.



The MLCA provides an affordable parent cooperative community preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds. Our mission is to provide an exceptional, community-based preschool within a nurturing environment that fosters each child’s intellectual and social-emotional development. We promote peer-teacher-student relationships that develop children’s self-esteem and self-awareness.

The Preschool Director chairs (or co-chairs) the volunteer committee that supports the operations of the preschool. The Director is the main point of public contact for the preschool and supports the Manager of the MLCA hall in staff management of the preschool. Members on this committee fill a variety of roles from Preschool Treasurer through to Preschool Marketing. It is usually a large committee as there can be many roles and responsibilities in order to operate the preschool effectively.



This group works to offer a variety of social and recreational activities for Senior Adults who are current members of the MLCA.  They promote active living and community connections while reducing isolation and encouraging social interaction in the spirit of fun and friendship.

Participants in this committee plan, prepare for, and run the Seniors activities.



The Sponsorship committee supports the other MLCA committees responsible for events, programs, and projects by supplying the necessary tools and resources for the collection of funds. This includes developing sponsorship packages and agreements, communicating with key sponsors, and ensuring consistency in all the various sponsorship arrangements.

They work with community businesses that are interested in supporting the MLCA. In turn, the MLCA provides various community recognition avenues for our generous sponsors. This includes recognition at events, social media promotion, website promotion, and much more.

Committee members meet with sponsors, liaise with other committees, and ensure that the sponsor and the MLCA have fulfilled the terms of the sponsorship agreement.


Sports and Rec


Sport has always been one the best connectors of people and can ignite passion, loyalty, and community enthusiasm. This committee coordinates and oversees sporting activities for community members and provides and maintains spaces like our tennis/pickleball/volleyball courts, bike track, and ice rinks. All this is supported by our Board at the MLCA to ultimately drive a more vibrant, healthy and connected community.

By being involved in this committee, you work with a group of volunteers in creating great opportunities for members of our community to unite and engage with others through sport.




The Sustainability committee organizes community engagement and educational events to promote the 17 United Nations sustainable development goals and develops sustainable initiatives to address some of these goals within the MLCA community.

Examples of our work include the annual Community Clean-Up event with the city, our local Green Awards, litter clean-ups, workshops, and collaborations with partner organizations such as Green Calgary, the Calgary Climate Hub, and the Arusha Centre, all of which enables us to run events like the Climate Conversations and Political Debates on the Environment.



This role really calls for a ‘people person’ as this Director, along with the committee, maintains the volunteer list, helps other committees with volunteer needs, and handles thanks and recognition of the tireless MLCA volunteers who have supported us and continue to do so.

A committee of participants with a similar skill set is needed. Do you know a lot of people in our community? Do you like interacting with others? Do you have time to make calls to round up some of our volunteers when they are needed? We need you!!!


Directors at Large

As a Director at Large, you are part of the decision making process and vote on resolutions that come before the Board. It is important to be aware of the activities of other directors and officers of the Board through the monthly board reports to ensure that decisions are well-informed.

You are not responsible for a standing committee but have the flexibility to assist others as needed in meeting the goals of the community association. Furthermore, you may be called upon to step in when another Board position becomes vacant or requires an extra hand.


Crime Prevention


* If you are interested in any of these positions or committees, please contact our President at