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Sarina 1900 Development

This page was created to share all information available to the MLCA related to the Sarina 1900 Development.


Here is the link to the developers information page:


Update April 5th, 2023:

Council Meeting where they discussed/voted on the Land Use Proposal:


Main Meeting and Agenda Page – Click Here


Recorded Full Meeting – Click Here


Results from the Meeting:




Comment re: Sarina 1900


*Vote 9-6 approved *



The land use application was recommended for approval at the Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) meeting on February 9, 2023. The next step is to go to public hearing of Council:


The public hearing scheduled for the application will be held on April 4th, 2023 at Council Chambers (City Hall). Public submissions to City Council must be received by the City Clerk between March 16, 2023 and before noon on March 28, 2023. Comments received after this deadline may be excluded from the Council agenda.


Prior to the public hearing, the following will occur:


Contact The City Clerk’s Office for more information about Public Hearings.


The full report can be accessed at this link (Page 153 – 243). The agenda item is 7.2.6. The recorded video is also available here (skip to the 1hr 21mins mark to watch the deliberation on the application).