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Bylaw Review 2024 – Article 3

Article 3 – ‘Membership’- Changes 


3.1.4 – The definition of ‘Associate Member’ was slightly changed to remove the unnecessary qualification of it being a non-voting category of membership.  

The numbering order of 3.3 and 3.4 were reversed as it made more sense to clarify what it means to be a Member in Good Standing before listing the Rights and Privileges of Members. 

Section 3.3.1 was added to make ‘Member in Good Standing’ it’s own section.

3.4.1 ‘c’ –   The definition of ‘Speak’ was expanded to provide some conditions that need to be met before the requested item to be discussed can be added to a meeting’s agenda. There would be two avenues of approval, an initial one with the Executive and a following one with the entire Board. This change is only in place to prevent unnecessary or unrelated items being added. 

3.4.2 – Some members have previously stated that the previous requirement of being a member for 45 days prior to being able to participate was a bit onerous, so that has been reduced to 30 days. changed to 30 from 45 

3.7 – The wording on this section was changed to try and remove as much ambiguity as possible. Changing the definition from an ‘action’ (or an ‘inaction’) to instead being based on operational or reputational concerns.